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If you would like to schedule an interview or are interested in reporting on or using photos of the Oku-Noto Triennale, please contact our public relations division by email.

◆Notes on Publishing

・We require that manuscripts be checked before they are published or broadcast. Be sure to submit documents and/or images in advance during the proofreading stage.
・Unauthorized use of images on this website is prohibited. When using an image, please be sure to include credits (author's name, photographer, etc.), and have it approved by the Okunoto International Arts Festival Executive Committee.
・Please submit 2 copies of the publication, CD, DVD or URL of the piece to be reviewed.
・Please note that your request may be denied depending on its content. 

Oku-Noto Triennale Executive Committee Office (Public Relations)
Address: 13-120-1 Iida-machi, Suzu-city, Ishikawa Prefecture 927-1214, JAPAN 
TEL: +81-768-82-7720 (8:30-17:00, weekends and holidays are closed.) 
FAX: +81-768-82-7727 (PR only)