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Art work No.46

“53 Bus Station of Suzu”

Aleksander Konstantinov (Russia)

  • Bus stops

Oku-Noto Triennale 2017 Permanent Works:笹波口バス停 

One feature of Suzu’s landscape is its bus stops with roofs. The artist, a mathematician, wrapped four bus stops with aluminum pipes using a basic vertical and parallel structure. Each molding, designed with a different theme depending on the location, expresses various tones that match the surrounding scenery.

Bus stops(笹波口、能登洲崎、珠洲川尻、正院)

  •  Latitude/Longitude (Google maps coordinates)|
    笹波口バス停  37.514785, 137.224179
    能登洲崎バス停 37.528758, 137.287807    
    珠洲川尻バス停 37.442970, 137.300770    
    正院バス停   37.444723, 137.292638 
  •  MAPCODE (GPS input)|
    笹波口バス停  913 042 368*83
    能登洲崎バス停 913 109 087*21    
    珠洲川尻バス停 329 681 703*44  
    正院バス停   329 710 014*64 

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  • Production year 2017